Cyber Training

At ActiveCanopy we want to better protect our clients against attackers. In order to help advance that understanding of current market attacks, our cyber exercise planners with intelligence community experienced, wargame with an advanced persistent threat (APT) focus. This degree of sophistication will push your organization to be better protected.

The Problem:

The largest problem cyber security professionals face is the lack of visibility until something malicious happens. Finding critical gaps, lack of preparedness, misaligned resources, absent documentation, or weaknesses while executing a company’s cyber incident response plan to meet a cyber breach is too late.

The Solution:

ActiveCanopy Cyber Exercises sharpen security and business continuity. Cyber exercises enable organizations to analyze potential emergency situations in an informal environment, and are designed to foster constructive discussions among participants as they examine existing operational plans and determine where they can make improvements. ActiveCanopy Cyber Exercises can help companies define an effective cyber incident response plan that will limit the damages of an attack, increase the confidence of key stakeholders and reduce recovery time and costs. Simulating real-world events prepare organizations to make more informed decisions when a real-world cyber attack event takes place.

Why we are different:

ActiveCanopy cyber exercise facilitators create dynamic scenarios to determine if businesses possess the capabilities necessary to operate successfully within a hostile cyber environment and defend against cyber threats. ActiveCanopy delivers on multiple levels to meet any company’s maturity in cybersecurity, from scripted events with injects, to a live scripted event, all while allowing safe execution of the real-world scenarios that concern and challenge security experts for business preparedness.

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