Deep / Dark Web Research

Is your data being offered for sale on criminal market places. Cyber criminals use the dark web to offer Stolen Financial Information, Stolen Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or Stolen Intellectual Property. ActiveCanopy’s highly-specialized analyst with a diverse set of language and cyber social skills will conduct in-depth searches to find your data.

The Problem:

Hackers and insider threats are obtaining high-value assets from governments, corporations, and individuals. All types of private data is available on the Deep / Dark web anonymously. The dark web is ‘dark’ because the websites are not able to be indexed by search engines, such as Google, which makes it difficult to find specific web locations. This creates an environment ripe for nefarious activity that offers electronic account information, Personally Identifiable Information, or bank records.

The Solution:

ActiveCanopy provides research capabilities to help companies understand what private information is available on the Deep / Dark Web. This research has been successful by identifying private data selling locations and learning more about seller information to help determine exfiltration sources.

Why we are different:

ActiveCanopy Deep / Dark web research leverages specific techniques available through the intelligence community accessing specific Deep / Dark web locations that are not easily accessible by other firms which provides a more ‘discreet’ and highly sophisticated service for our clients.

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