Endpoint Monitoring

ActiveCanopy provides Endpoint Monitoring solutions across industry verticals and across company sizes helping clients to be better protected against cyber threats.

The Problem:

Companies today are not prepared to handle cyber threats. The increasing internet of things (IOTs) are creating multiple vulnerability points for organizations who are not prepared to handle WHEN a cyber attack takes place. Companies are overwhelmed with logging information, endpoint monitoring, anti-virus updates, legal ramifications, or confusion around which tools to turn to in support of understanding the threat to continue business activities.

The Solution:

ActiveCanopy provides a non-invasive highly-integrated solution to support cyber incident responses. Our technology enables the ability to collect real-time information of endpoint and network traffic to quickly sift through false positives and threat indicators to provide cyber analysts the ‘real’ problem areas to focus on – optimizing your problem solving. With our threat intelligence platform, we are able to detect and respond to high level threats that most organizations aren’t even aware of, providing the security team and enterprise a more accurate view of their current threats to make a more informed decision response.

Why we are different:

ActiveCanopy has the best-in-the-business cyber domain expertise (Intelligence Community teeth cutting), ultra-competitive pricing, and contains the latest technology embedded in our solution for threat adaptability to support on-going detection and remediation.

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