Network Monitoring

ActiveCanopy Network Protection solution works in concert with your endpoint capability and provides network defense analysts a complete “DVR-like” picture that allows provides the reconstruction of all traffic traversing your Enterprise to discover hidden cyber threat activity.

The Problem:

All businesses information technology administrators are faced with many challenges including reducing risk of network compromises and visibility into network events. Without full visibility into your network, your I.T. enterprise cannot be properly secured or defended.

The Solution:

ActiveCanopy provides a continuous monitoring solution that is key for providing cyber threat visibility and integrated protection for securing all networks, systems, and business operations.

Our solution provides:

  • Full packet capture – Provides “DVR-like” replay
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Covert Network Traffic and Tunneling Detection
  • Instantly gain depth of a cyber incident
  • Integration between Network devices, Log and Endpoint solutions

We conduct analysis of network traffic of malicious events, alerts, or suspicious activities which may indicate network compromise or network events that may violate computer security policies, acceptable use policies, or standard security practices.  If a confirmed cyber incident occurs, our solution provides the capabilities to isolate, block, contain and in most cases, remediate the issue.

Why we are different:

ActiveCanopy’s Network Protection integrates into your existing I.T. investment to leverage as much as possible to automate incident blocking, containment or isolation. Our solution scales to your size company both large and small with the right size combination of carefully combined package of open source software or use of our partnerships with leading commercial off the shelf solutions.

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