At ActiveCanopy we want to better protect our clients against attackers. In order to help advance that understanding of current market attacks, our pentesters are intelligence community experienced and some with advanced persistent threat (APT) focus. This degree of sophistication will push your organization to be better protected.

The Problem:

With new security flaws and vulnerabilities being identified each day, one of the largest challenges in the IT space is determining whether the security tools and configurations you have in place are giving your organization the level of security you require both from internal and external threats. Understanding what capabilities are in the market to protect those critical assets is difficult to understand given the rapid technology advancement environment we currently live in.

The Solution:

ActiveCanopy provides penetration testing solutions to help companies understand network weaknesses, and identify vulnerabilities, or misconfigurations by leveraging techniques and procedures of real world attackers. Attacks succeed by exploiting the gaps between different security tools or simple social engineering of an employee. Overall the benefits of a penetration test will help IT departments with visibility of vulnerabilities, cost savings of applied resources, and a heightened security posture.

Why we are different:

ActiveCanopy penetration testing solutions will put your tools and applications through the paces of simulated breaches that mimic real-world scenarios. ActiveCanopy focuses on tests in one specific part of an infrastructure, a specific application, or on the network as a whole. We also perform external focused exploits or internal exploits to provide the full gamete of bad-actor stresses to an organization.

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