Automate and scale your cyber analyst


Automate and protect your endpoints (ex. servers, workstations, laptops) against cyber threats.
We monitor the activity taking place on your endpoints to quickly identify, research, and remediate malicious activity that could potentially shut down your operations.


Gain cyber threat visibility and “Protection” capabilities instantly on your enterprise with an integrated deep packet inspection and full packet monitoring solution that works in concert with your endpoint solution.


Allow our pentesters to put your organization to the test.
PenTesting strengthens your network defenses and provides you with insight to potential gaps in your security posture. This helps to determine what investments need to be made to strengthen your organization.


We will investigate and attempt to recover company property located in the Deep / Dark Web.
This information is typically very difficult to obtain without the proper network, nuance, and discretion that ActiveCanopy brings to our clients.


According to leading industry and government reports, over 90% of all cyber attacks are successfully executed with information stolen from employees who unwittingly give away their system ID and access credentials to hackers. If we can continually educate the workforce on the latest cyber threats, your organization will be better protected when an event takes place. We assist your organization in understanding the current cyber landscape, provide mock scenarios, and phishing training to minimize potential threats

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