Do We Need Cyber Orchestration For My Organization?

Are you a company that has access to the internet?  Check.

Are you a company that doesn’t have access to the internet?  Check.

Yes – you need cyber orchestration…….

That was pretty easy…..

No really, organizations today commit to an anti-virus (AV) license fee and potentially logging, but have no idea how to interpret this information for setting up a modern cyber security posture with cyber orchestration

Let’s talk about why cyber orchestration is important.

  1. AV’s do not capture 0-Day threats (more on this to come) or have the current repository of bad-actor fingerprints that assist in blocking malware from penetrating an organization.
  2. Organization are bombarded with threat alerts all the time.  If your company has 1,000 threat alerts a day, how can you possibly chase down all of those threats each day?  You can’t.  With endpoint monitoring you can determine quickly which threat is worth looking into and which ones aren’t.
  3. Automatic response – as certain endpoints (servers, workstations, laptops, mobile devices) become infected with malware, an ability to automatically shut down that device or monitor threat activity is critical in understanding how to improve your cyber security posture.
  4. Reporting in English – CEO asks Head of IT – ‘We are protected right?…..’   Head of IT response ‘Good to go! (with fingers and toes crossed).  Leveraging cyber orchestration a company can provide analytics and reporting on what is going on in the network to promote awareness and insight on threat activity.

How is your organization doing in these areas?