Cybersecurity as a Service (CyaaS)™

ActiveCanopy’s managed Cybersecurity as a Service (CyaaS) platform is designed to provide businesses with best-of-breed cybersecurity technology and high-caliber cyber analysis. Our active cloud-based solutions extends our pre-built security operations across your virtual networks into your physical network environment. Our solution provides an active defense against today's evolving cyber threat landscape. The ActiveCanopy platform integrates into your current network environment or will provide a top level cybersecurity solution. ActiveCanopy becomes part of your team to deliver an efficient and scalable cybersecurity solution, with expert analytics to secure your enterprise and to support your compliance requirements.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    Protect disclosure of electronic health information.

  • ITAR Compliance

    Control access or export of technical data.

  • PCI DSS Compliance

    Secure sensitive cardholder data.

  • GLBA Compliance

    Defend confidential financial consumer information.

Our Solution

Adaptive. Intelligent. Analytics

ActiveCanopy offers the industry’s next-generation leading endpoint solution, Carbon Black Enterprise Response. It’s connected with top industry threat intelligence, that’s always on and continuously records and alerts on host behavior.


ActiveCanopy’s robust suite of network monitoring services that supports you on-premise or in the cloud. We use AlienVault UTM to provide both passive and active monitoring signature, behavior, vulnerability and scanning capabilities.

Incident Response

ActiveCanopy’s ever-ready cloud hosted Incident Response for immediate analysis to search, collect preserve, and analyze data from servers, workstations and virtual machines anywhere on your corporate network.

Unified Analytics

ActiveCanopy’s platform provides unification of effort: all tools act as one by connecting the dots between humans and machines enabling a security team to work in concert with their environment.


During the month of January 2016, the rate of ransomware infections varied from 10,000 to 15,000 on per week basis. During the first phase of February 2016, the rate of ransomware infections have spiraled to 20,000 per week.