Managing Cyber Risk

All businesses are reliant on digital resources for operations. However, using those resources can add unknown risks to business operations. Cyber risk management is about managing the effects of uncertainty on business operations by reviewing current security processes and technologies. Any successful organization will consider multiple variables to identify risks and impacts on the business. The most significant factor in understanding how to manage cyber risks is to locate, categorize, and assess the organization’s data and level of importance. Once the data is evaluated, to protect your organization, the business stakeholders will need to convene and use a cyber risk management framework to develop policies and governance for risk mitigation or risk transfer. These steps will help create a business risk management plan and eventually influence the organization’s overall business strategy. All businesses need to put forth every effort to complete a risk management plan that will improve your cybersecurity posture, reduce business liability, limit the loss of production, and protect company reputation.

ActiveCanopy has years of experience helping companies like yours defend against cyber threats and manage their security risk. We can assist any organization of any size in navigating the cyber threat landscape and improving your cybersecurity risk management to boost business efficiencies.