• WannaCry Ransomware, the Cry Heard Around the World

    The campaign Wannacry (aka WannaCrypto,WanaCrypt0r, Wanna Decryptor,WCry, Wanna) became a global security threat late last week by reportedly affecting over 200,000 computers spread over 150  countries demanding a $300 to $600 ransom in Bitcoins. WannaCry is a specific ransomware program ...Read more Arrow

  • Breaches Affect M&A market

    In a recent NYSE Governance Services report, 85% of surveyed board of directors stated a major vulnerability or cyber breach discovered during due diligence would impact their final decision on a merger or acquisition (M&A). Due diligence is the process of investigating a business and...Read more Arrow

  • Costs Associated with Cybercrimes

    Costs associated with cybercrime is estimate to increase to $6 trillion by 2021 per recent market reports, reinforcing the growing number of cyber threats to business networks worldwide. The expanding attack surface, the cybersecurity workforce shortage, and the lack of cybersecurity awar...Read more Arrow